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Antonio Martinez Castillo, DO
Photograph of Antonio Martinez Castillo, D.O.Hometown: Lagrange, IN
Undergrad: Huntington University
Medical School: Des Moines University
Surgery Interest: Rural General Surgery
Hobbies: Running, playing soccer, hiking, listening to podcasts, listening to music, reading fiction, and watching movies.
Favorite things to do on days off: Spend time with friends catching up, watching movies, and going out to eat.
Reason I came to UMKC: I thought the program had a comprehensive curriculum that would be valuable for a future in general surgery. I wanted to be near family and Kansas City is also an awesome place live in.
Danielle Joy Kinsey, MD
Photograph of Danielle Joy Kinsey, M.D.Hometown: Bentonville, AR & St. Louis, MO
Undergrad: University of Missouri-Columbia
Med school: University of Missouri-Columbia
Surgery interest: Cardiothoracic, Trauma, Transplant, Surg Onc
Hobbies: Anything creative!
Favorite things: : Playing with my animals and spending time with my husband. I have two German Shepherds and three kitties that definitely occupy my time! I love interior design (on a budget), painting, mosaics, and flipping cheap furniture into something cool… doesn’t mix well with all the pet hair though! I also have a small quilting business. When I have Sunday off, I enjoy going to church with my husband!
Reason I came to UMKC: The next five clinical years (and possibly few research years) are dedicated to becoming the best surgeon I can possibly be. It was apparent on my interview day that UMKC would both prepare me well to immediately go into practice but also set me up for any fellowship I may pursue. It felt like I was a good fit among both the residents and faculty, and I am so excited to start training as part of the UMKC family!
Meghana Kumar, MD
Photograph of Meghana Kumar, M.D.Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergrad: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Med school: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Surgery interest: Still undecided but wanting to explore MIS, Colorectal
Hobbies: Running, baking, movies/TV
Favorite things: : Grab bubble tea or ice cream, explore local bars/breweries, meet up with friends
Reason I came to UMKC: I went to UMKC for medical school, so I knew it was a solid surgery program in a great city. As a bonus, my sister also lives in Kansas City.
Isabella Nair, MD
Photograph of Isabella Nair, M.D.Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Undergrad: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Medical School: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Surgery Interest: MIS, Trauma, Cardiothoracic
Hobbies: Traveling, Baking, Pottery, Spin Class
Favorite things to do on days off: I love spending time with my family, boyfriend and friends. We all enjoy trying out new restaurants in Kansas City, patio hopping and traveling when possible! I also enjoy sleeping in and bingeing netflix on my days off!
Reason I came to UMKC: I was able to see firsthand the culture of this program and the training its residents receive as a UMKC med student. Through my interactions with the residents while completing rotations on surgical services, I knew these were people who I wanted not only to be co-residents with, but also friends with. Kansas City is also home to me and I know that having my family, boyfriend and high school friends close by throughout residency will prove invaluable.
Dylan Pate, DO
Photograph of Dylan Pate, D.O.Hometown: Lee’s Summit, MO
Undergrad: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Medical School: A.T. Still University – Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
Surgery Interest: Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
Hobbies:Hiking, football, fishing, and hunting.
Favorite things to do on days off: Spending time with family and friends, KC Chiefs football, spending time outdoors.
Reason I came to UMKC: : I was able to visit the program for a month, and I was thoroughly impressed with the camaraderie between residents and the degree of autonomy afforded to the residents within this program.
Neal Talukdar, DO
Dr. Neal TalukdarHometown: San Antonio, TX
Undergraduate School: University of Texas at Austin
Medical School: Kansas City University School of Medicine
Surgery Interest: Transplant, Cardiac Surgery, Surgical Critical Care
Hobbies: Traveling, trying new restaurants, cooking, spending time with family
Why I came to UMKC: Strong operative experience, access to two level I trauma centers with diverse pathology, resident camaraderie.