B.A. / M.D. Program


How many students apply to the B.A./M.D. program each year? How many students are interviewed?
How many students will enter the B.A./M.D. program each year? How many students are from Missouri?
If admitted to the B.A./M.D. program, will I need to reapply or take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)?
What undergraduate degree options are available for students in the B.A./M.D. program?
Do you accept AP, IB or college credit?
How is each year in the program structured? How are the first two years different from the last two years?
When do students begin their clinical experiences?
Who are the hospital partners of the UMKC School of Medicine? Can students participate in experiences at other hospitals around the country?
Do students go to school year-round throughout all six years?
How many credit hours do students enroll in each semester?
What is offered in terms of academic advising?
Outside of coursework, what exams do the students have to take throughout the six years? How do UMKC students perform on those exams?
What types of tutoring or other academic support exist?
Does career counseling exist at the School of Medicine?
When do students decide on a medical specialty, and how do they know where they will go for residency?
Are there opportunities to study abroad?
Are there research opportunities?
Do students have time to participate with activities outside of medicine? How much time do students actually have to pursue other interests?
Can a student have a part-time job?
Where do students live in the first two years of the program? Where do they live in the last four years of the program?
What are the meal options while living on campus?
Do students need a computer?
Do students need a car to get around?