B.A. / M.D. Program

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Program Overview


A medical student’s journey begins as soon as they enter the UMKC School of Medicine’s B.A./M.D. program. Immediate exposure to a curriculum that builds a strong foundation in medical science and clinical skills is integrated with the liberal arts and humanities into a year-round program. Our program allows students to choose an undergraduate major and earn their B.A. and M.D. in six years.

During the first two years of the program, three-fourths of a student’s time is dedicated to the arts and sciences to fulfill baccalaureate degree requirements, while one-fourth is spent in medical school coursework. In the final four years of the program, most the student’s time is spent in medical school coursework with a smaller percentage of time spent completing baccalaureate degree requirements.

Students pursue baccalaureate degrees in a variety of areas:

The ability to pursue certain undergraduate degree options is dependent on the college credit a student is able to transfer in from high school. College credit may be accepted for Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, CLEP or dual-enrollment courses.

Clinical Experience and Physician Interaction

Students begin clinical experiences in the third week of the program through the docent system.  A docent is a teaching physician who also serves as a mentor as student’s advance through the curriculum. In years 1 – 2, students are assigned to docent teams of 10 – 15 students from their class. In this early docent experience, students are educated and mentored on the fundamentals of medicine.

In years 3 – 6, students are assigned to docent teams of 12-15 year 3 – 6 students, a docent, a clinical pharmacologist, a clinical medical librarian, an education team coordinator and other health care professionals. In this docent experience, students spend a half day per week every week assisting with outpatient care in a continuing care clinic. This team also works together on the internal medicine rotation two months out of the year in years 4 – 6.


Students can work with faculty in both clinical and research settings.  Students involved in research can present their findings each spring at the annual Student Research Summit, and funding is available to support student research projects. The Office of Research Administration facilitates student research programs as well as coordinates supplemental research lectures and seminars.


Students at the UMKC School of Medicine have the opportunity to develop community partnerships, provide community service and reflect upon their experiences. Students participate in service-based programs, such as the Sojourner Clinic, a free outpatient clinic developed and managed by medical students, and the Kansas City Free Eye Clinic.

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