Program for Quality Improvement/Patient Safety (QIPS)

About the UMKC Quality Improvement & Patient Safety (QIPS) Consortium

Comprised of the six University-based health sciences schools and community affiliates programs that serve the UMKC School of Medicine​

  • Truman Medical Centers​
  • Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City​
  • Children’s Mercy Hospital​
  • Center for Behavioral Medicine​
  • Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center​
  • HCA Research Medical Center

The mission of our Consortium is to lead in the scholarship and dissemination of local, regional, and national activities directed at enhancing quality improvement and patient safety initiatives.

The Consortium goals are to:

  • Develop and maintain a robust educational curriculum in quality improvement and patient safety, such that all learners not only can participate in QIPS-related projects, but also develop competency in QIPS initiatives to support their future clinical practice. ​
  • Develop the infrastructure to support scholarship and dissemination of QIPS activities across the Consortium. ​
  • Support and provide resources for QIPS-related projects and programs ​
  • Provide an organizational infrastructure for QIPS programs across UMKC and its affiliated hospitals to facilitate collaboration, communication, scholarship development and sharing. ​
  • Improve quality and safety in the community.

Events & Programs:

Affiliated Faculty

Reddy, Mamta
Dall, Lawrence
Drees, Betty
Hackman, Jeff
Hillman, Emily
Moncure, Michael
Wooldridge, David