Student Research

Getting Started

  1. Students that need a research mentor should complete the Student Research Info Form and return to:
    1. Students that have already aligned with a mentor should forward the mentor’s contact info to:
  2. Research Administration will check with SOM Student Affairs to confirm the student’s eligibility to participate in supervised research activities.
    1. Year 1 and 2 students should first obtain approval to look for potential research opportunities from Asst. Dean, Dr. Cattaneo.
  3. Students that request an interest in working on clinical research projects – Research Admin. will forward the Student Research Info Form to the Faculty Advisors
  4. The hospital affiliates have additional requirements for students to be on site and participate in research activities including institutional review board (IRB) review of students’ participation in research activities.
    1. The UMKC IRB and TMC, SLH, CMH all require human subjects of research education. See item #1 at:
    2. The CMH IRB also requires training regarding conflicts of interest. See #3:
    3. The CMH IRB asks for the UMKC IRB to rely on the CMH IRB review. Students should complete the UMKC IRB Request-to-Rely form, see:
    4. The affiliate hospitals require completion of additional items including hospital compliance training, confidentiality agreements and check of vaccinations and TB skin test status.
  5. Students that request an interest in basic or laboratory research – Research Admin. will forward the Student Research Info Form to the Faculty Advisors.
    1. The SOM requires all individuals working or volunteering in a lab setting to complete biohazard training. See #5 at:
    2. Other UMKC compliance committees such as the IACUC committee, IBC, and Radiation Safety committee may need to review the addition of a student to a project depending on circumstances.
    3. Research mentors may also ask students to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  6. The Sarah Morrison Student Research Award is a SOM grant-like funding mechanism for students. There are affiliate hospital applications and external funding opportunities also listed at:
  7. Potential funding of travel to present research
    1. Students may contact the UMKC Office of Student Involvement (OSI) for research travel funding requests. Or see the OSI Travel Info Packet for more details.
    2. In the request to OSI for funding, it is important to emphasize that you will be presenting the results of your research and not simply just attending the conference as an attendee.