Master of Medical Science Physician Assistant

Admissions Timeline

April: CASPA Application is Available

The application process involves three separate applications: the UMKC General Application for Admission, the CASPA application, and the School of Medicine PA Student Portal. Though the CASPA application is not available until late April, the UMKC General Application for Admission will be available in mid to late-April.

August 1: Application Deadline

The CASPA application must be submitted and verified by this date. All other applications and application materials must also be submitted by this deadline. This includes the UMKC General Application for Admission and the UMKC application fee. After the CASPA application has been verified, applicants will receive additional information on accessing the PA Student Portal, reviewing the Technical Standards, verifying shadowing experiences and completing the final submission. The Technical Standards, shadowing verification and final submission must be complete by August 15. Official MCAT or GRE scores must be received by August 1, and it is highly encouraged that applicants sit for these exams no later than the June testing dates.

*If any of these materials are submitted after the deadlines provided, the application will be considered late and reviewed with other late applications at the discretion of the admissions committee. The admissions committee does not guarantee the review of applications that become complete late. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Once admissions decisions have been made, no other applications for admission will be considered.

September – October: Interviews Take Place

All candidates will be notified electronically of the interview decision. If offered an interview, candidates must interview in person at the School of Medicine. Phone interviews are not permitted.

October: Offers of Admission are Extended

Candidates offered admission will be notified electronically of their acceptance to the program. Students placed on the alternate list or denied admission will also be notified electronically. Admission decisions are not communicated via phone. All decisions of the admissions committee are final.

January: Classes Begin

Students who have been offered admission and who have accepted the offer of admission will matriculate to the School of Medicine Physician Assistant program in January.

*If any program deadlines fall over a weekend, the deadline will be moved to the following Monday.