Medicine / Pediatrics


Who we are:  We are a strong academic program located in the heart of the Midwest. Our residency offers high quality training experience in an affordable and livable city surrounded by exceptional people. Clinical training is completed in three individual hospital systems that come together to provide a diverse and excellent education with each site offering unique patient and clinical opportunities. Our combined residency training program integrates neatly into our categorical programs, creating an unparalleled learning environment and teaching services. While our hospitals are fantastic, our personnel are what truly make the program excellent. Our residents are hardworking, intelligent, and dependable; but they are also feisty, opinionated, and unrelenting. The combined faculty members are dedicated, passionate, and determined. This combination results in a dynamic, resident-centered program that consistently meets the needs and desires of our individual residents. Our residency is truly a family where we support, mentor, and nurture each other to be the best version of ourselves.

Associated Programs:
IM Categorical Program
Peds Categorical Program

Hospital Affiliates:
Children’s Mercy Kansas City
Saint Luke’s
University Health

Pandemic Influence and what it means for applicants:

In times of crisis, we draw inspiration from our strengths. Our strengths have always been, and will continue to be, the exceptional people within our program: our residents, our core faculty, our categorical program faculty, and the applicants to our program.

Residency programs across the nation have found unexpected benefits of a virtual interview season. We have been thrilled at the equalization of opportunity for all applicants to our residency program. While we miss the opportunity to see your smiling faces and to proudly show off our hospitals and university, we will offer you the most insightful view of program, hospitals, and welcoming city in a way that demonstrates our dedication to diversity, equality, and fairness.

This year, we will continue to highlight the aspects of our program applicants need to know about us: our clinical training environment, our educational and research support, our extraordinary categorical programs, and our fantastic residency program culture.

Adaptability is a strength of the Med Peds trained physician and we continue to shine. We are optimistic, flexible in our approach, and determined to share our program with you.

We can’t wait to meet you and share a bit of our residency family with you. We have no doubt that you will love what you see.

Jacqueline R. Kitchen, M.D.
Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program Director